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In the Beginning

This book has been a long time coming…

So long in fact, that it’s actually evolved into the culmination of two books that have been stewing around in my subconscious for quite a while… twenty years give or take.

The first idea came to me back when I was a secretary working in a real estate office and electric typewriters were the new, big thing. I wrote and wrote and wrote, but couldn’t figure out how to finish it. Those handwritten pages went into a drawer where they sat, untouched for the next two decades.

The second part of this book – the supernatural part – came several years later but well before the big vampire/werewolf fascination we’re seeing now.

Yes, that’s right… I’m saying I was vampire when vampire wasn’t cool :)

But like that first idea, I couldn’t flesh this one out either. I had an amazing beginning but no end and so off those pages went, into the dusty old “working” folder in my filing cabinet.

I came across all those handwritten notes again several months ago and just like that, the ideas started to pour. I realized that what I had was not a book, but a series and one that could help me answer all the questions I had about life.

Now, would it have been great if all this wisdom hadn’t of waited so long to appear?

Yes, but I wasn’t ready. I couldn’t write those books back then because I was afraid to say what I thought. I wasn’t comfortable with opening a vein and letting it all pour out, yet that’s exactly what was needed.

I’m telling you all this because I’m assuming you too, are interested in writing and you’re looking for tips or ideas to help you break through the wall between you and your very best stuff.

The truth is, I get writer’s block all the time, as you’ll see in this blog. I’ve found a few good productive ways to overcome it and when those don’t work, I’ve found that sitting outside with a strawberry daiquiri or taking a nap are both equally good alternatives.

I’ve come to understand that the inspiration hasn’t left me… it’s just thinking about where it wants to take me next.

So, if there is a moral to this little blog, it’s this: never give up. Never, no matter what. Just keep writing and thinking and imagining. The ideas will come. The inspiration will find you. And when it does, you’ll be ready.

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