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9 Great Websites for Writers

So, sometimes when you’re writing, you find yourself stuck. Maybe you’ve got a question about form or maybe you’re just looking for inspiration…

Or maybe, you can’t stop thinking about where you’ll published your little gem when it’s done.

Fortunately, the internet is chock-full of websites just for those occassions… here’s my pick of the best writing websites. Bookmark them, use them, and let the rest of us know if you find another site that should be on this list.

This is a great resource, complete with everything from the nuts and bolts of writing to classes, contests, newsletters and even some good reads. There’s also a writing prompts service (for free) to help you get past writer’s block. Register (also free) and you’ll get a email account plus your own space to post a portfolio.

Writer’s Digest

WD is THE community/website/magazine to turn to when you’re looking for writer’s resources. They’ve got how-to’s, writing workshops, agent listings plus a whole host of other goodies. Registration is free and with it, you get access to tons of members-only deals including discounts, downloads and access to the WD community.

The Write Practice

There are some contests you can enter, some prompts you can use and some tips you can implement, but the biggest gift you’ll find here is the inspiration to make you want to get busy and write. And honestly… what is a writer without a little inspiration?

Romance University

Okay, my current project isn’t truly a romance per se, but it does have a nice little love story working underneath as a sub-plot and there are plenty of wonderful posts and ideas here to help you no matter what genre you might be working in. My favs include the 7 Components of Book Marketing Strategy and What To Do When Your WIP Turns Against You.

Writing Happiness

Want to get an inside look at what a working writer looks like? Then this is the blog for you. Author Marya writes about writing and while most of it is aimed at blogging, it’s all still solid, sound advice because in the end, you’re creating content… no matter what genre or style it might be in.

The Bookshelf Muse

This is a really interesting resource to have at your fingertips. Authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have created this cool online thesaurus that includes a variety of character traits, settings, emotions, textures and symbolism that you can use to expand your craft. But this tool goes well beyond simple definitions… it also tells you how to use these traits and aspects within your writing, giving you the ability to take that writing to a whole new level.

Writing Fix

This site was originally designed for teachers in Nevada to use to inspire their students and help them improve their writing skills. But some of the lessons and resources are so inspiring, the website has become a resource for writers of all ages and all genres. There’s tons of writing prompts and genre-specific tutorials but one of the coolest features is the twenty-seven lesson series called Writers Notebook… check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Newbie Writers

No, you don’t have to be a newbie to enjoy this site. Topics covered include submitting to publishers, setting goals and honing your craft, so chances are There’s something here for every writer, no matter what you genre or experience level.


This is a pure resource site, giving you access to thousands of references books, quotations and literature from some of the greats. So, use this site when you want to check your grammar, find a quote, understand a concept or just get inspired by reading Eliot or Dickinson or Hawthorne.

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